Color Contest

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The Color Contest

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The theme of our audio storytelling contest is color. All submissions should include this theme in some way. Think outside the box! In what ways do you associate color to your favorite things, emotions, skin, flags, sports teams, nations, songs, literature, style, pets, photography, social injustice… The possibilities are endless!

Requirements for the contest:

  • Must have a beginning, middle and end (like any good story!)
  • 2-3 minute .mp3 or .wav file submitted to
  • Picture to go along with your story

Hints and Suggestions:

  • You may record on your iPhone.
  • For tutorials on how to record and edit sound, go to American Student Radio’s Resource page.
  • Feel free to report on yourself or someone you know.
  • Contact American Student Radio for advice and assistance at, on Facebook, or Twitter. We would love to help!

Be confident. Be bold. We do want to hear your stories!

All stories will be published on! Top three finalists will be awarded $100 and will also receive direct feedback from one our celebrated judges, Ira Glass! Yes, we know… He’s kind of a big deal.

We look forward to listening to your submissions. Good Luck!

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