HomeWhere is your home? Has your answer changed over time?
In this episode – We have a story about a barber who used his passion and experience to create a “home” for others, an artist returning “home” to retire and some interviews with some of YOU. What is HOME? Join us…
The stories were reported by undergraduate audio storytelling students Chelsea Barras and Laura Schulte, and the episode was produced and hosted by Reporter/Producer Gabrielle Reed. 

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IMG_7187“Burning…” the most basic definition, requires being aflame and affected by powerful heat. But it can be that and so much more…

This episode of Wordshop has stories related to the word BURN… the effects of powerful heat, burning desire and, yes, attraction and love.

BURN was produced by Reporter/Producer/Photographer Kale Wilk. This episode features stories from undergraduate audio storytelling students Lindsey Wright and Kristen Hines and ASR’s Gabrielle Reed.


First, Lindsey Wright brings us the story of Kameron Utter, a football player for the Marion University Knights in Indianapolis. Kameron survived a natural gas explosion that occurred in his apartment briefly after he and his roommate had just moved in.

Next, Kristen Hines tells us about Katie Hannon, an Indiana University student with a desire to make people laugh. She’s enjoyed comedy since she was in elementary school. Kristen tells us how Katie gathered the courage to perform in front of her first audience at the Comedy Attic in Bloomington.

Finally, Gabrielle Reed informs us of Katie Morgason and her boyfriend. The two share a passion for not only each other, but for the art that brought them together: photography. The two first met on Flickr, and now they have their own photography business.

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“I Don’t Want To Set the World on Fire” by The Ink Spots
“Burnin’ for You” by Blue Öyster Cult

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GrowthThis episode of Wordshop focuses on three very different types of GROWTH…
When you think of this word, the first thing that may come to mind is plants, but that’s not what we’re growing here.
In this episode, we bring you stories about growing up, growing through a community, and growing past pain.
GROWTH was produced and hosted by WordShop Executive Producer Jamie Ordonez. And it features stories from ASR’s Jae Park and Anu Kumar and undergraduate audio storytelling student Kelsey Frank.
First, ASR’s Jae Park brings us a story about David Ray. David is a 17-year-old maple syrup farmer from Bloomington, Ind. who’s been making his own syrup since he was 12. The syrup has grown up with him, and now he’s about to graduate from high school and see what the world has in store for him and his syrup.
The second story is about Women Writing for a Change, a writing circle in Bloomington that gives women a voice and a sense of community, and allows them to grow as individuals. Anu Kumar brings us this story.
Finally, Kelsey Frank tells the story of Helen Freeman, a 93-year-old woman who dedicates her free time to volunteering for Meals on Wheels. Through her retirement, she has found a way to help other people in her community, and her dedication to service comes from an early personal loss.
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“Kids” by MGMT
“Women With Wings” by Women Writing for a Change of Bloomington
“In My Life” by The Beatles
“Jack and Diane” by John Mellencamp
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Pride, Revisited

Argenta Perón

Argenta Perón performs at the Back Door in Bloomington, IN.

Argenta Perón, also known as  “The People’s Diva” is the emcee  for shows at The Back Door in Bloomington. Off stage, Argenta is Patricio Battani, a recent Masters graduate from Indiana University’s School Public Health and HIV testing counselor who designs social media outreach for Positive Link here in Bloomington. ASR’s Sophia Saliby sat down with Battani to learn more about Argenta and carrying on the tradition of drag.

Music Credit:                                                                                                                           “River Deep, Mountain High” by Celine Dion

This first installment of “Pride,” published May 2014. It explores different understandings of the word “pride”-from personal pride to love for your school. 

Photo courtesy of Sasha Kargaltsev from Flickr Creative Commons.

Photo courtesy of Sasha Kargaltsev from Flickr Creative Commons.

First up we have a story about Michael. Michael was born a female but identifies as a bisexual male. He shares his struggles and how he has grown to love himself and be proud of who he is.

The second feature is about a man who is HIV positive. He shares his story and talks about the moment he went public about having HIV and how he has moved from being ashamed to being proud and accepting.

This episode ends with Hoosier pride – give some love to your school.

This episode of WordShop was hosted and produced by Brittney Jackson.

Music Credit:
“Born This Way” by Lady Gaga
“Waterfalls” by TLC
“This is Indiana” by Brice Fox & Daniel Weber

Family, Revisited

                                                                            China has the biggest population in the world. In the 1980s, it enacted the one-child policy

 Hao Feng and her friend, Natalee Chidimma, compare cultures and a find a common ground.

Haoting Feng and her friend, Natalee Chidimma, compare cultures and a find a common ground.

which was supposed to curb this. ASR producer Haoting Feng is part of the one-child generation, and when she came to US for college, bigger families surprised her. This got her, and she made this audio piece.



Check out this earlier installment in our series on “Family” posted May 2014.

You might see them around campus performing and making people laugh.

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 3.30.14 PM

But the backstory behind this community is actually really beautiful. ASR reporter Hillary Simon followed 3 comedy groups through their journey to the biggest IU comedy festival, IUCCF.

This little family of IU students is brought together by their shared interest in improv and comedy.

Family, Revisited: Comedy from Americanstudentradio on Vimeo.

Here’s our first installment on “Family,” originally posted March 2013. 

Chaz Mottinger | ASR

Photo by Chaz Mottinger | ASR

This episode of Wordshop brings you three stories about FAMILY. Evie Salomon explores the “Secrets of a Blood Red Scorpio,” Eddie Suarez finds a very cool way to get get to know the grandfather he never met, “Don Fidel,” and Chaz Mottinger brings us a party of friends making their own holiday family at college.  FAMILY was hosted and produced by Allyssa Pollard.

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“Brothers” by The War on Drugs
“Gumption” by Hans Zimmer
“Five Minutes at the Rainforest Café” by Macaw
“Tires Squealing” by Rutger Muller
“Cantina Rag” by Jackson F. Smith
“Second Flute” by Zbigniew Preisner
“Sister” by Sufjan Stevens


GamesThis episode of WordShop explores the word FRAME. For our purposes, think of the picture inside of the frame, not the frame itself. We focus on how people frame ideas and other people in their minds, and how those ideas can be so different to somebody else.

The episode of WordShop was hosted and produced by Maggie Batsford.

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“Ho Hey” by the Lumineers, covered by Lennon and Maisy

Help, Revisited



Helping For Change

Barney Fry has a dark past, and a painful past. This episode of WordShop revisits our word HELP because Barney’s past makes him uniquely suited to help a unique part of our population – people sentenced to serve time. ASR’s Theresa Graham brings us his story – from past to present – and it starts with a yard sale, raising money for the cause… 

In our previous look at HELP, ASR’s Lacy Scarmana produced a full WordShop episode with three great stories about HELP from our team – from service, to black hair to moms. Check it out —————->  

In this episode of WordShop, we ask you…

First – How would you feel if you spent hours planning an event and nobody came? What if you worked, ceasingly, for 40,000 people who didn’t know what you were doing? And what if many of these people ALSO thought you were elitist and out of touch? ASR’s Anu Kumar did ALL this last year. And she loved it. This is Service.

Second – Hair Help

Let’s face it. Hair is important, we all want some help from time to time, and if you have black hair, and you just moved to a new town… It’s not easy. ASR’s Brittney Jackson brings us this story.

HELP pictureThird – Helping Mom

Finally, Jackie Veling recruited her mom to help with her story on moving. Jackie couldn’t be there to help her mom pack up and move from Kentucky to Texas, so she gave her a microphone to record the process herself.

This episode was hosted and produced by Lacy Scarmana. A special thank you to ASR’s Maggie Batsford for editing and production help on one of the segments.


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The Beatles, “Help!”
J’odie, “African Woman”
Qu’ality, “NA-TU-RAL”
The Drifters, “Save the Last Dance for Me”

Move, Revisited

Photo from Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre

Photo from Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre

College seniors constantly get asked what they’re doing after graduation – where are you moving, what are you moving into, what are your plans to move on?

Many of us have no clue, and some of us have known since we were young.

Meet Julian Ramos. He dreams about dancing on Broadway.

This story was reported, filmed and produced by Lauren Linder.

Move, Revisited: Moving in Multiple Ways from Americanstudentradio on Vimeo.

Courtesy of Giff Reed

Put your work boots on and limber up, because today, we’re MOVING. In this episode of Wordshop, ASR’s Tyler Wright explores questions of identity; we’ll hear from Giff Reed, an elite weightlifter who MOVED himself across the country–and had a life-changing experience that made him move right back. Then, ASR’s Matt Randall takes a lens to moments when sports fans get crazy about their favorite teams, and he’ll tell us why he thinks we care so much that our players MOVE towards victory. Finally, we’ll take the stage with ASR’s Alex Kimbrell and 19-year-old comic Rob Sherrell. What makes for a good joke? Get some insights from Sherrell on his jokes and how he pursues to MOVE our points of view.

This episode of WordShop was originally published on May 31, 2013. It was hosted and produced by Tyler Wright. ASR reporters for this episode are Tyler Wright, Matt Randall, and Alex Kimbrell.


“Night Section” by Data Romance
“Epilogue” by Brooke Fraser
“In Motion” by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross
“Intro” by The XX
“Night Owl” by Broke for Free


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The word blush can be used to describe an emotion or feeling, makeup, a color, or even wine.

blushOn this episode of WordShop, we’ll explore different interpretations of this word.

First: Find out what happened on stage to University of Evansville Sophomore Khadija Evans. Reported by ASR’s Leah Johnson, this story is sure to make you blush.

Second: Is falling in love different when one of you has a terminal disease? ASR’s Anicka Slatcha brings us this fantastic, non-narrated love story – meet Mike Harnish and Katie Waltman.

Last but not least: Jackson Stanton and his dog Rosie. And we’re not going to say any more about this sweet piece – we don’t want to give away the ending.

This WordShop episode was hosted and produced by Brittney Jackson.

Survival, Revisited

When you make it through something tragic, at the very least you can say, “I survived.” But what do you say when the same thing happens again and again and again and again? One inspirational woman is telling this story and hopes it will help others. Please press play and watch.

This story was reported, filmed and produced by Hillary Simon.

Survival, Revisited: Rachel’s Story from Americanstudentradio on Vimeo.

Photo by Rabi Abonour | ASR

This podcast brings you three survival stories. It starts with “the beast that does not breath.” Seriously. And then music beats cancer. And last, but not least, a little girl escapes across a river, at night, with her mother and a stranger to see Donald Duck. These are amazing stories. We’re thrilled to bring them to you.

The WordShop SURVIVAL podcast was published October 29, 2012. It is hosted and produced by Latonya Yarbro. ASR reporters for this podcast are Ansa Woo, Jatika Exposé and Lauren Glapa.

Do you have a story of survival to tell? Let us know at americanstudentradio@gmail.com with the subject “Survival” or tell us on facebook!

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